Jewelry Care

Your Traer Price Jewelry is easy to care for.

Some pieces are lacquered (particularly designs that have been engraved, etched and/or have a patina applied to them) and others have had Renaissance Wax applied to protect the patina embedded in the etched designs. The length of time that your piece can go without care depends a great deal on your frequency of wear and even your body chemistry.

As you may know, copper tarnishes easily, so as the lacquer or clean copper finish on your Traer Price Jewelry begins to wear you will likely begin to see the color darken somewhat. If you enjoy the changes, just let your pieces evolve over time. If you would like to restore some of a piece’s original look, I’ve included several suggested methods below.

In general, wiping your Traer Price Jewelry pieces with a soft cloth after wear and storing them in a plastic bag will minimize tarnishing and the appearance of the green patina copper that can naturally develop when in contact with skin oils and the air.


If you would like to clean your Traer Price Jewelry, here are several methods that will restore the copper’s color and minimize any changes to the original patina if one was applied:



Fine steel wool (000 or 0000 grade) is available at most hardware stores and is actually the final finish I apply to most of my work. Gently rubbing the surface (taking care not to scrub away the patina in etched lines, for instance) will quickly shine and clean the copper.



Sunshine Polishing Cloth is a very effective cleaning product manufactured in Japan but readily available on It both cleans and polishes and–in my experience–has a long-lasting effect, even when unsealed after polishing.



If you would like to seal your cleaned copper, Renaissance Wax is used by many jewelers and is also available on sites like Apply a thin coat, allow to dry, buff with a soft cloth and repeat 2-3 times. In my experience a Renaissance Wax seal will last a week or so, but this is subject to a variety of factors from skin chemistry to climate.